Shine Lawyers
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Shine Lawyers and the Parramatta Eels are looking for Parramatta Junior Rugby League teams that through their community spirit and team culture demonstrate Shine’s values of:

  • Always standing up for the little guy
  • Daring to be different
  • Being ahead of the pack
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Apply now for the chance to WIN a $300 Universal Gift Card and the opportunity to run the Eels side out at a home game!

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What is the Team of the Week?

The Parramatta Eels team will run onto the field at each home game accompanied by the chosen Shine Lawyers Team of the Week. The winning team will also receive a $300 Universal Gift Card for their club.

The winning teams will be selected from the participating Parramatta Junior Rugby League Clubs.

What is expected of the Team of the Week?

The Shine Lawyers Team of the Week will get the experience of running alongside the Parramatta Eels NRL players onto the field prior to kick off.

The Team will be asked to provide 15 children, all dressed in their playing uniform. One coach will be asked to accompany them to the tunnel area before the game. Less than 15 children is acceptable, but we cannot accept any more than 15.

Children will need to be dressed ready and waiting at ANZ Stadium Aisle 137, 30 minutes prior to kick off. At this location a Game Day assistant will meet and escort them down the tunnel in preparation for the game.

The away team will enter the field first followed by the team mascots. The Shine Lawyers Team of the Week will then run onto the field with the Parramatta Eels NRL team.

Children will be asked to quietly line up single file in the tunnel.

We require 2 staff members from your club. One staff member will stay in the tunnel and organise the children whilst the other will stand on the opposite side of the field to collect the children and then bring back to the tunnel.

What will the Eels do for the Shine Lawyers Team of the Week?

All junior league participants will receive a free Sparky’s brigade Membership and 15 complimentary tickets will be supplied to the parents to attend the home game. If more tickets are needed, they can be purchased through the Parramatta Eels and, if available, can be purchased in a similar area to the tickets provided.


For further information, please contact Melanie Riccio at